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Tony Atkins: Sportscaster de jour

Tony Atkins: Sportscaster du jour.

Tony Atkins a a multi-media journalist based in Austin, Texas at the Austin American-Statesman. While Tony has built a stellar reputation in the Wisconsin sports realm, he has since moved on to other media-related endeavors in Austin.

Tony’s sports reel:


I got my chance like many others, starting as a unpaid sportswriter at the UWM Post, which was UW-Milwaukee’s student-run newspaper before going out of print. The Post gave me the chance to cut me teeth in journalism  and build a name for myself. I covered everything from table tennis to men’s basketball – sports to sports business.

Sports writing gave me that outlet to express how I felt about any particular team, which was cool. After seeing my name in the paper week in and week out, that thrill of seeing my byline went away. Sitting court side was cool, but it stopped being about that. It became about delivering the news and being the best at it. I still feel this would be the point in any young journalist’s career when they discover if they really want to go down this path.


Having the power and credibility to relay accurate information to people is one of the greatest powers in the world.  To know that what I put together was helping someone obtain information about a particular topic is a feeling like no other.

Over time, doors were opened. I got my first internship and real world experience with Good Karma Broadcasting, Milwaukee’s ESPN Radio affiliate. Radio was another new platform to learn on. This time, there weren’t pages. There was just audio. Lots and lots of audio. It was an experience that I would never forget.

I am still writing the chapters of my life. I currently work at the Austin American-Statesman as a Digital Media Specialist in addition to reporting with its Features staff. In the past, I have contributed to, ESPN’s Milwaukee Bucks blog and Acme Packing Company, SB Nation’s Green Bay Packers website.


Sports seem to be the lane that I kind of stumbled into but that doesn’t mean I’m a one-trick pony. I have broken one news story during college but I want to do it more. I want to cover sports but ultimately, I want to make a difference in the community I end up serving.

That’s me. I’m a journalist with a sports background with dreams and goals that are beyond sports. I do a lot of cool things outside of editorial as well. I just happen to end up in the news and locker rooms a little more than most.

This site will play host to anything that I can legally publish in print, radio or television in the future. It’s not all sports. I promise. Browse. Read. Check it out. It’s good stuff…



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